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In the field of high-energy laser therapy, Zimmer MedizinSysteme is one of the pioneers on the market – the first high-power laser was already launched on the market in the 1990s.

Since that time, we have been working continuously to further develop this form of therapy and the devices – together with experts from research and application. As a result, we set new standards again and again, whether in output and wavelength, in safety during use, or in simplicity of operation.

With over 20 years of experience and more than 10,000 systems sold worldwide, Zimmer MedizinSysteme is one of today’s leading providers. Hospitals, physiotherapists and physicians throughout the world use our high-energy Opton lasers every day and rely on their therapeutic effect.

Laser therapy – Achieve therapeutic success with the speed of light

Therapy with laser light is a widely used method in physical therapy.

Laser therapy is a treatment with high-energy light which introduces large quantities of light into the tissue. As a result, healing is stimulated in a sustained manner.

In particular, high-power laser therapy in which high intensities are used is becoming increasingly important.

With laser therapy systems up to 25 W which are equipped with the most modern technology, Zimmer MedizinSysteme is setting new standards in the field of laser therapy.

Maximum operating convenience

Laser applicator
The laser light is output via an ergonomically shaped laser applicator which is equipped with an adjustable manual switch. By double-clicking once, the laser light is now emitted continuously, without any further action needed from the user. This ensures maximum convenience in handling for the user.

2 different spacers which can be quickly and easily exchanged hold the laser applicator at a defined distance from the skin.

Skin temperature measurement

A temperature sensor integrated in the laser applicator enables the skin temperature to be monitored during the therapy.
In particular, this provides more safety during application in the case of different skin types and helps avoid undesirably high skin temperatures.

Professional screen
The screen allows quick, direct access to the therapy screen.

Individual therapeutic requirements

Different combinations of the treatment parameters allow the user to adapt the therapy individually to the patient and achieve the best possible treatment results.

OptonPro 25 Watt – 810 nm  |  980 nm  |  1064 nm

OptonPro 15 Watt – 810 nm  |  980 nm  |  1064 nm

OptonPro 10 Watt – 810 nm  |  980 nm


3 wavelengths

Therapy with 3 wavelengths enables stimulation of different target sites: Pain receptors at the surface
as well as deeper tissue structures are stimulated at the same time.
In particular, the wavelength of 1064 nm which has the lowest scatter in the tissue promotes penetration
of the radiation into the deep layers of tissue.

The advantage of laser therapy with high power
More power increases the power density in the tissue and this results in an increase in the thermal effect
in deeper layers as well.
As a result of the high power of the OptonPro, the distance to the tissue and thus the radius of the
treatment area can be greatly enlarged. This can mean a significant time savings for the user.

Broad treatment spectrum
The simultaneous output of laser light with three wavelengths opens up a broad field of therapeutic
options for the user.

Most modern user interface

Visual analogue scale
The integrated VAS provides information about the patient’s pain perception.

Operating philosophy at the highest level
The large, colourful display and the ultramodern operation ensure enjoyment and motivation during use.

Therapy Assistant
Recommended parameters are automatically saved. The amount of energy to be applied is recommended depending on the area to be treated, the pain condition and skin type.

· convenient & intuitive
· determines individual, patient-related therapeutic parameters
· supports the user in achieving successful therapy
· safer for the user

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Technical data

OptonPro 10 W
Laser diodes: 810 nm / 980 nm
Emitted output: Max. 10 W
Power consumption: 1,0 A

OptonPro 15 W
Laser diodes: 810 nm / 980 nm / 1064 nm
Emitted output, max.: Max. 15 W
Power consumption: 1,2 A

OptonPro 25 W
Laser diodes: 810 nm / 980 nm / 1064 nm
Emitted output, max.:  Max. 25 W
Power consumption: 1,8 A

The following data apply to all models:

Treatment area
Min. Ø 10 mm

Operating voltage
100 – 240 V~, 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Protection class

Applied part
Typ B according to EN 60601-1

H 30 cm, B 35 cm, L 20 cm

3,8 kg

Laser class
4, observe special regulations