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The G-MOVE SUIT is a revolution in the field of active compression, as it combines 4 functions in a single product. All users benefit from its various possibilities.

1.The active compression technology allows you to rehabilitate while you are active and makes you feel lighter during activity due to better blood circulation. This is the active muscle recovery system, through your steps and during your movements, which will help your natural pump to return blood to your heart.

2.GMOVE-SUIT acts on blood flow, to provide a better blood supply to the muscles. During the performance of exercises and during recovery, it supports and accompanies patients throughout their rehabilitation process.

3.One of the GMOVE-SUIT programs based on technology is the 4G. You have the feeling that gravity attracts you even more to the ground and the performance of muscle strengthening exercises is done with greater difficulty. This effect is due to an overall compression of the GMOVE-SUIT fit on your lower limbs to improve muscle performance. Indeed, this method, called KAATSU, allows you to train with 40% of the maximum load, using more muscle fibers during the efforts.

4.This compression system can be used both when you are active and passive. With an equipment suitable for movement/exercise, you can also use it passively while sitting or lying down. This use helps to remove toxins and improve the silhouette.


With the GMOVE-SUIT, presotherapy becomes a mobile treatment solution and is effectively combined with sports and daily activities.

It can be used as a conventional pressotherapy system during relaxation, while offering active recovery, muscle hypertrophy and improved performance inspired by the KAATSU method (BFR – Blood Flow Restriction).

Active compression is a therapeutic method that activates the venous and lymphatic systems by stimulating blood and lymphatic flow respectively during movement.

It is particularly effective for those who do activities that require high circulatory efficiency. Active compression facilitates the reduction of swelling and swelling, but in addition it reduces the feeling of tired and heavy feet. Another advantage of this method is that it has limited contraindications for use.


GMOVE-SUIT is effective as it allows a full range of motion while applying three therapeutic systems. You can combine it with your daily activities during training and rehabilitation. With its ease of movement and portability, combined with its 3 programs ( restore, active and boost ), you don’t have to stop any of your activities while using it.

Examples of indications:

  • Venous and lymphatic insufficiency
  • Tired, heavy or swollen feet
  • Heavy or heavy legs, heavy or heavy legs, heavy or heavy legs, heavy or heavy legs, heavy or heavy legs, heavy or heavy legs, heavy or heavy legs, heavy or heavy legs, heavy or heavy legs, heavy or heavy legs, heavy or heavy legs
  • Cellulitis


  • As an alternative to traditional passive rehabilitation methods, the G-MOVE SUIT is an energetic, natural and targeted treatment tool for “active rehabilitation”.

-The G-MOVE SUIT helps you to improve your performance during your workouts, allowing you to train more frequently while reducing the risk of injury.

-The G-MOVE SUIT allows you to rehabilitate while in motion.

-Since 80% of the veins in the lower limbs are located deep within the muscles, deep compression combined with physical exercise remains the best way to optimize venous flow. The muscle surrounds the vein walls and acts as a natural restriction to prevent excessive stretching of the wall that results in venous insufficiency.

-By strengthening the vein walls of the lower limbs, the G-MOVE SUIT is one of the most suitable solutions in the fight against venous insufficiency.


1.STRONG EQUIPMENT: the athlete is not limited in the use of compression, regardless of the activity.

2.MINI SIZE: Weighing 750 grams, it is carried in a small pouch, which makes it ideal for daily commuting.

3.LONG BATTERY/LONGER LIFE: 2-hour continuous battery life, and fast recharge.

4.POWERFUL: The GMOVE-SUIT offers a pressure range of 30 to 120 mmHg, making it the most powerful portable compression system on the market.

5.TIME SAVING: Your time is valuable. Thanks to its portability, you no longer have to stop your activities to take advantage of a session.

6.PORTABLE: When used on the move, it blends effectively with your activities and offers unique advantages. Simply choose the duration of the treatment and the intensity of the compression.



Due to its flexibility and ease of use, the GMOVE-SUIT is used at the end of a workout, for recovery and during the stretching process. 0-GRAVITY Mode is also known as RESTORE. The goal is clear: speed up your recovery while staying active after your session.

The GMOVE-SUIT makes you feel weightless, allows you to remove all the toxins that accumulate in your legs, without changing anything in your daily routine.

With GMOVE-SUIT equipment, the athlete can engage in daily activities, including movement (walking, driving, air travel) or work from a seated position, while detoxification and venous return take place.




GMOVE-SUIT enhances mobility after intense physical exercise, eliminating toxins from the body, through moderate physical exercise (at 50-60% of maximum effort). This technique, also called active restoration, reduces lactate and pooled plasma ions more rapidly than passive restoration. It also significantly reduces muscle stiffness (DOMS) the day after exercise.

Here, recovery becomes more active than during a break, since you put yourself in a state of moderate activity (50-60% of your physical capacity is recommended).

All athletes know that it is essential to respect recovery periods to allow the body to recover and avoid injury. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your body responds to exercise because your legs will work harder under a 2G Force level.

The exercise becomes more difficult to perform, the movement is slower but there is no risk of injury. The GMOVE-SUIT will protect you, as if you were wearing a brace to do the exercise.




BOOST mode significantly reduces oxygen uptake to increase muscle activity using reduced loads. The GMOVE-SUIT uses up to 120mmHg to compress both legs for one minute. This is followed by a one-minute active recovery (active mode), where the athlete must remain in motion, but at 40% effort. This function is derived from the principle of KAATSU which allows the achievement of venous occlusion. (BFR – Blood Flow Restriction)

The GMOVE-SUIT will significantly reduce oxygen uptake in order to increase muscle activity using lighter loads. Indeed, the blood will be in the venous system and so your muscles feel an intense effort at 40% of your potential. It also significantly restricts the joints, but enables normal movement without restriction.




The design of the GMOVE-SUIT has been directly inspired by the G-SUIT worn by pilots and astronauts exposed to high acceleration to prevent loss of consciousness in flight. Compression of the lower extremities prevents blood from pooling in the lower body due to gravity and allows the brain to be properly oxygenated.

During phases of high gravity, the brain can be deprived of oxygenated blood, resulting in blurred vision or even loss of consciousness. G-SUIT compression of the lower limbs helps prevent this. Compression with GMOVE-SUIT offers the most innovative recovery strategy in the field. It provides athletes with all possible techniques for targeted recovery.

Passive and active recovery, without the disadvantages of conventional pressotherapy.

The usual issues (fixed positions, weight, duration & strength) are now a thing of the past: GMOVE-SUIT offers a very wide use of recovery approaches for the daily rehabilitation process up to the demanding treatment of Elite athletes. Athletes can use it to improve their performance. It is the ideal ally for muscle strengthening and joint strengthening. It also relaxes muscles and reduces muscle fatigue by preventing pain and cramps.


What is Compression?

Pressotherapy is a therapeutic method of disorders of the circulatory system of the lower limbs, using an automatic inflation and deflation system.

Why do we use compression?

– Relief from all the pain

– Relief from tired and heavy legs

– Improved circulatory and muscle performance

– Accelerated recovery

What are the advantages;

– Active compression has long been recognized as a technique that allows rapid recovery of 100% physical capacity while increasing training rate and is effective in acute injuries.

– Reduces pain by reducing swelling in the joints and enhances the recovery process by transporting blood to the injured tissue.

– Given its compressive superiority, this method of reconstruction is recommended to help significantly in the treatment of various ailments, with a complete program.

– The following diseases are indicated: venous ulcers, multiple sclerosis, myopathies, arteritis, mastectomy, lymphedema and others. It compresses the muscles and improves recovery in order to act on the fat cells. Pressotherapy allows you to work both superficially and deeply, depending on the different pressure used.

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