Magrex Ηλεκτρομαγνητικός Διεγέρτης (RO)


Magrex | Multi-purpose Electromagnetic Generator

MagRex Feature

Select between 8-shaped coil and circular coil Max. 7.5Tesla level high output Stimulation protocol up to Max. 150Hz 30 Basic Programs, 30 Custom Programs Intuitive and convenient 10-inch graphic user interface Select between 230mm 8-shaped probe and 170mm circular probe

  • TMS
  • 7.5Tesla
  • 30 Basic Programs,
    30 Custom Programs
  • Coil Cooling System
  • 10inch touch screen

MagRex Specification

Magnetic induction amplitude(Intensity)0~7.5Tesla
Shape of stimulation pulseBiphase
Pulse duration300us
Stimulation frequency0.1~150Hz
ModeBasic Programs30
Custom Programs30
Supply voltage230V~, 50/60 Hz
DimensionMain body (W*L*H, mm)380 * 520 * 950
Total weight64Kg

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